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We offer a number of different groups with different aims. All of our groups aim to reduce social isolation. Some are more relaxed and social whilst others are therapeutic.

Therapeutic Group – Psychodrama

Psychodrama is a creative action method of therapy. It offers the opportunity to explore life situations from past, present and future, and to express yourself and your emotions safely and in confidence. Each session has a familiar structure of warm up, action and sharing (should people choose to do so). Warm up supports group members to begin to, literally, warm up to the issues which are present for them. Action will focus on the issues of one or more group members each week, supported by the group. Sharing gives the whole group the opportunity to connect with the material that emerges in each session, sharing anything which the work has brought up for them. How much you choose to share is entirely up to you, we found that even just being part of such a group can be beneficial, even if you choose not to be part of the focus.

Some of the topics explored were:

  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Finding your voice - exploring the barriers (have conversations which are or can feel impossible to have in real life, explore scenes from our future or in our imagination.
  • Celebrating your strengths (returned to scenes which were treasured in order to experience them all over again)
  • Exploring and expressing inner feelings (returned to scenes from our pasts which were difficult in order to make sense of them or to find closure or healing through fun, sharing and trust.

The group is facilitated by a qualified Psychodrama Psychotherapist and co-facilitator by a FRASAC staff member. This approach has proved to be very powerful and effective.

This is a woman only group.

Creative Groups

Every Thursday between from 10am to 1pm we run a Creative group that is open to any female survivor of sexual violence. This is an open group which means you can come along any Thursday without having to commit to coming along every week. The group is less structured in that it’s a light hearted environment not based around support and offers the opportunity to meet new people, try new things and have fun.

You can speak to someone to find out more or to join our groups by calling us or emailing us on 01592 642336 or at info@frasac.org.uk.