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FRASAC Mission Statement

To provide free quality services, accessible to anyone 12+ affected by sexual violence achieved through support, prevention and participation.






To continually grow and adapt out services, aiming to be inclusive and welcoming to all affected by sexual violence.
Promote health and wellbeing and provide a safe space for survivors of sexual violence to be heard.
Strive to provide a platform for all survivors of sexual violence to be heard.
Aim to raise awareness around sexual violence and challenge societal attitudes through events and campaigns, education and collaborative partnerships.


FRASAC believes in early intervention, education and prevention to increase awareness of sexual violence in society and the impact is has on survivors.
FRASAC believes a collaborative / partnership working approach is key to instigating change and achieve better outcomes for survivors of sexual violence.
FRASAC believes all forms of sexual abuse are acts of violence and abuse of power.
FRASAC believes perpetrators of sexual violence are responsible for their decisions and actions.
FRASAC believes in the importance of constructive, accountable and transparent leadership within services providing support to all affected by sexual violence.
FRASAC believes in a holistic approach to providing support to survivors of sexual violence built on the foundations of feminism, human rights and equality.