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The main aim of FRASAC is to provide Support & Counselling services to women, men and children who have suffered rape and/or sexual assault and to provide information on related issues.

Provide crisis and time limited (24 weeks), confidential, free support or Counselling to women, men and children 12 years of age and over.

Improve understanding of the causes of rape and sexual assault and contribute to preventative strategies.

Raise awareness of public and professional bodies about the nature and extent of rape and sexual assault for women, men and children.

Identify and address gaps in service provision in partnership with survivors.


FRASAC Values and Ethos

FRASAC values include:

  • A recognition that all forms of sexual abuse are acts of violence, involving the abuse of power and control.
  • Recognition that perpetrators of sexual violence are responsible for their decisions and therefore it is appropriate that perpetrators be held accountable.
  • A commitment to a partnership and collaborative approach with other key agencies towards instigating real and profound change.
  • A commitment to a developmental approach in supporting member RCCs to achieve Quality Standards.
  • A commitment to constructive, accountable and transparent leadership.
  • A commitment to a pro-active and leadership role which is informed by:
  • expertise from our member RCCs
  • quality data from our RCCs member
  • other relevant national and international research
  • Feminist, human rights and equality based ideological foundations.
  • Striving for the creation of a society that accepts responsibility for the eradication of all forms of violence against women, as well as all forms of sexual violence

FRASAC Principles and Ethos Statement

Rape Crisis Centres emerged from the women’s movement in the 1970s and a new, feminist analysis of sexual violence. Feminist analysis recognises that rape, incest and child abuse are all acts of violence, involving abuse of power and control.

The analysis of power lies at the core of a FRASAC response to all forms of sexual violence. We recognise the abuse of power by the perpetrator, and the experience of complete loss of power by the victim.

We recognise sexual violence as a violation of human rights and we work from the conviction that women and girls, men and boys, have the right to live free of sexual violence and the threat of sexual violence.

We strive for the creation of a society that accepts responsibility for the eradication of all forms of sexual violence. We seek to bring about social change which will end all forms of sexual violence.

The Values and Beliefs which inform our work include:

  • Belief that by drawing on the experience, wisdom and power of survivors of sexual violence we can make a difference.
  • Commitment to building learning organisations that promote collective and democratic structures and working relationships which model positive, accountable uses of power.
  • Understanding that sexual violence is under-pinned and sustained by inequalities including gender inequality.
  • Commitment to striving for real and profound change, towards a society that embodies respect for human dignity and which challenges discrimination and inequalities.